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GoPro quietly announced its Developer Program on Tuesday, as it looks to incorporate its action sports cameras into third-party products. Third-party companies have been building accessories for the GoPro over the years, but now GoPro wants to provide official support.

The GoPro Developer Program provides toolkits, technical information and support to enable companies to add GoPro camera connectivity into their products. There is a camera toolkit for iOS and Android apps to control a GoPro camera and manage media, along with a mechanical toolkit to attach GoPro cameras to third-party products.

GoPro held an event in San Francisco, California to highlight the new program, where it announced there are more than 100 companies partnering with GoPro, including brands from BMW, Fisher-Price, and Polar. GoPro showed off potential third-party integration ideas in a video showing a gesture-based camera control system.

"Over the last few years we've been excited by the creativity and enthusiasm other brands have demonstrated when integrating GoPro into their own solutions," Nick Woodman, CEO and founder of GoPro, said in a prepared statement. "The GoPro Developer Program is a way for us to celebrate the innovative work of our developer community and more importantly, help enable what comes next."

GoPro first showed its third-party support when it announced integration with Twitter's live streaming platform Periscope in January. Owners of the GoPro Hero 4 can publish to Periscope directly through the social media app on iOS.

GoPro has been at a crossroads as of late; its stock price has been hammered as it has missed sales projections. CEO Nick Woodman is working to reinvigorate the company with new products, new hires, and now support for developers.

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  • Thanks for the update John, but maybe its a little to late. I wished they embedded some half decent ARM processing as well, like they have started with Ambarella S2LM chipsets, where some of the data heavy "app" can run on the device itself.

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