GoPro Session $399


GoPro Hero 4 Session:  $399

GoPro just released the Hero 4 Session!!!  Nice looking camera but now we have to redesign all of our gimbals.  The size and weight savings along with the symmetry could prove beneficial to drone applications?!?  Its also water resistant without a case!!  But it looks a lot like the Polaroid Cube??



WSJ Session Review:

Polaroid Cube:



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  • Extending GoPro 4 Session recording time onboard:

  • I just added auto-triggering function to polaroid cube here you can find.

    polaroid cube is 46.6 gram and without cover 25 gram, 6MP  and 99$  it is a good option for drones i think.

  • Just got it Today! Camera looks great. So far I can not pair it with iOS or Android App. Error is: No WiFi backpack found in iOS, and Android refuses to pair at all.

    Updated firmware etc. Trying to find anything in the manual... so far nothing. I must be missing something.

  • Developer

    Only two ways to find out. Test it yourself, or wait for someone else to test it for you.

    Or you could try asking GoPro support, but what's the fun in that?

  • Are we sure that the new cube has live SD video out like the hero's did? I looked all over their specs and never saw it listed as a feature. Obviously they dropped some features/performance to get their new form factor, maybe they dropped SD video out too.
  • Gimbals like the Tarot and DYS which keep the lens closely centred do utilise the asymmetrical design to their advantage. I hadn't noticed how many designs were configured the oppose way until you mentioned it.
    Granted the location of the I/O connectors are less than ideal but does it really necessitate the lens needing to be placed on the opposite side to the pitch motor if they are to be used? Surely it just requires a more clever solution than currently exists.
  • I don't see how the GoPro asymmetry offers better balance on a gimbal?  Especially since the I/O connectors are on the same side as the lens, necessitating the lens to be placed on the opposite side of the pitch motor, which means the lens is not centered on the roll and yaw axis, leading to parallax errors.

  • Sure, we all love symmetry in design.

    But the asymmetrical lens position of the GoPro's existing form factor actually offers better balance for gimbalised applications.

    The Session is the same price as a Hero 4 Silver yet lacks 4K and 2.7K recording while offering lower frame rates for 1440p, 1080p SuperView and so on. It is generations behind the Hero 4 black's 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps too!

    How much it will drop the minimum weight of a GoPro in waterproof form is unclear because the stated 74-grams does not specify whether it includes the mount or not (so the drop in weight might be as much as 73-grams or as little as 8-grams).

  • I have no use for it.  I would rather see Gopro come out with a few interchangeable lenses and maybe a slightly bigger sensor.  Unless you use a wide FOV the MP count with still photos is not that great.


    David R. Boulanger

  • Yep.  It always looked so dorky putting it on a helmet.  :)  I see guys using them at the motorcycle races, but I don't know how they prevent knocking them off in the woods.

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