GoPro Session $399


GoPro Hero 4 Session:  $399

GoPro just released the Hero 4 Session!!!  Nice looking camera but now we have to redesign all of our gimbals.  The size and weight savings along with the symmetry could prove beneficial to drone applications?!?  Its also water resistant without a case!!  But it looks a lot like the Polaroid Cube??



WSJ Session Review:

Polaroid Cube:



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  • Developer

    This is essentially a more pure sports camera. The gopro form factor has always been the elephant in the room when when you consider it is meant to be carried on a helmet etc. while doing extreme sports.

  • Moderator

    meh, beginning of the end

  • At this price point I'll keep my Sony AZ1.. waterproof, lightweight, good enough quality, video out, etc. oh and 30% of the price.

  • Hi Rob,

    It doesn't have much, but it does have WiFi to work with their remote and to work with assorted phones and tablets through their WiFi App and although not confirmed on their page I'm guessing it supports their "live view" video preview (more of a drowsy view) I think.

    Of course using the WiFi on the GoPro was always part of the problem because it's at 2.4 GHz like our radios.

    The reality is that a $79.00 Mobius might actually be more useful.

    Oh - I almost forgot they do have a professional grade direct wireless video link available for only $7500.00 (if you can get a frequency (and have $7500.00 you can't think of anything better to do with)). But that does suggest there are other ways of getting at the video signal.



  • If you need FPV it may be useless, but for mapper/surveyor it could be awesome! Then again my Canon S100 cost $79 from Ebay and it's hard to beat for price and performance.

  • Its, smaller, lighter and better shaped for our uses.

    I have no doubt that this will be adapted to use in our UAVs, it's a lot more convenient than the original GoPro.

    The icky mounting tabs are incorporated on separate frames so the camera without them will be easier to mount on a gimbal.

    A down side is the sub two hour built in battery.

    Also the fact that a lot of Chinese cameras like the Mobius are cheaper and lighter with similar performance.

    I don't think GoPro is going to have the standard setting response they had with the original.

    Still it's a great new option and the coming explosion in "Cop-Cams" is certainly appropriate for it.

    Best Regards,


  • Nope, nothing, no analog, no HDMI, no Wifi, nothing.

    While the form factor looks pretty good for us, it appears to be completely useless.  No way to see what you're shooting.  It's amazing it's the same price as a regular GoPro considering how stripped down it is.

  • Do these have any video output?

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