GoPro/Tarot Steady Cam with transmitter


This is the latest creation from Bernie's basement (tm). It is a GoPro based steady cam using a Tarot gimbal for stabilization. It attaches to the carbon core X8 via 2 screws AND can be used as a standalone steadycam device. It is self contained with a NiMh battery, switch, and video transmitter. I hacked together a miniUSB cord for the GoPro to transmit the composite output to the laptop so I can see what I am filming when I fly. The gimbal has a connector to allow a clear view of what is recording while flying. I can also remotely control the pitch of the camera in flight (using channel 6 via the remote control). It isn't the pretty think in the world, but a drill, a soldering iron, a hobby case from radio shack, and a half a day of cobbling makes for a pretty cool toy!




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