GoPro Wire Rope Mount with Furniture Coasters



 I built this Wire Rope GoPro mount out of a couple of Furniture leg coasters, a Bicycle Brake cable and some electrical brass wire connectors removed from their plastic housing. Test flown this morning and here is the result.

I'm very pleased with the video as I have tried many ways to remove the rolling shutter effect previously and this is by far the most effective. The video is shot on a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition @1080p 60fps. I have also briefly tested it on my old GoPro Hero 1 @1080p 30fps and got similar results.

I'm flying the wire mount on a Reptile 500 quad Frame from and its on the APM2.5 stock 2.91 quad firmware.



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  • Very nice! Well done!

  • Simple idea and impressive result. I am going to knock up something similar below my battery holder for when I fly my iPhone. Thanks for sharing this info
  • It would be even more stable if it was hanging below the frame.

  • Impressive improvement.

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