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  • 3D Robotics

    Yeah, the ABP was a mistake. The MB doesn't have the reliability to make it a production machine yet, and the ABP did lead to curling as you note. 


    We're prototyping some products we haven't announced yet, but mostly cool video/autopilot enclosure and camera pods.


    I just got a new MK7 extruder head, too (announced yesterday), while will let me use 1.7mm filament for finer prints.

  • I think the key to a having a reliable system for ejecting completed prints lies in a layer that wedges or peels itself away from the heat surface - possibly leaving a membrane attached to the print for later removal.

    I've made some cool mods to mine, but never had a reason to use ABP - its impractical for most operators - and I've never been comfortable leaving the ToM alone by itself when it's printing.  Last time i did, it ground the extruder head into the HBP (operator error - negative z axis input) - ruined the platform, but the extruder head didn't get a scratch - those things are crazy mil-spec tough.

  • @Shannon

    As a makerbot owner I agree with you that the automated build platform is the black sheep of the makerbot family. Great concept, just not quite there as far as reliability but I expect makerbot to come out with an improvement.

  • Nice article. What are y'all prototyping on the makerbot?  

    Interesting they didn't feature the automated build platform(ABP) in the image. They were touting ABP as the flagship feature for the new thingomatic model last year, but I think they're backing away from it now b/c it's so hard to get the ABP heated surface to work effectively.  I'm also really surprised they're selling them pre-built now.  half the fun was putting this thing together.

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