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  • Francois,

    It is actually both. Digital servos are noisy.

  • Thanks everybody!

    Yes, I am learning about ArduPilot right now and how to set all things properly. Also trying to get an idea on how FPV works with the radio, telemetry etc. I am too far behind on a subject. I can fly gliders (RC and real ones) but a bit outdated on new technology.

    Graphite 2 has enough space in fuselage and wings (since they're hollow and made out of fiberglass - clear for radio signals) and I am trying to figure out how to separate all frequencies and antennas so they would work together. Antennas for FPV and telemetry could be fit on a wingtip joins while RC antenna could stay in fus and wing (as it is right now).

    I still can not decide weather I like best flying RC glider or watch the video footage on a big screen TV :-)

    While flying a real glass ships I love to watch wings flex especially fully loaded.

  • Or just use any of the other action cams that have a more sensible shape. ;)

    I was watching some Dakar footage, amazed to see guys racing through the desert at high speed with that brick attached to their helmet.  Crazy.

    I almost wonder if GoPro do it on purpose.  Everybody who has one in a sporting event, you can instantly see "Oh, he's got a Go Pro!".  Everybody else in the event could have one of the other cams, and you'd never know it!

  • very nice flight. I noticed you put the camera side with fuselage, this gives you less drag and longer flight.

    did you thing to put a small mirror in front of camera oriented as 30-45 deg to see right in the front? even you can pan (move horizontal) the mirror with a small servo. just an idea...

  • Mark,

    You are giving me some wild ideas - I used to take my gliders so high many times I would loose site - scared the daylights out of me, many times.    But today....with a little bigger glider  :) ..... a light little camera and First Person View .........  hmmm.........


  • Mark,

    This does indeed look very interesting :)  A real nice project !  Kind of what got me into the hobby almost 29 years ago :)  The technology has advanced so much !!

    Is this the plane we are talking about

    Thanks for sharing.


  • very smooth flying!

  • That thing is a rocket!  It can climb almost vertical?!  So nice and smooth too!

  • I have a graphite 2E with UDB.  Installation is with canopy on so there is very minimal space.  Both UDB and Rx are mounted behind the wing.  It is an honest PITA to install.

    I also have a UDB installed on a thermik XXL 5m which gives a little more space but not much more. 

  • very good, nice aircraft for this job, very smart.  nothing like gliding on cool days, smoothest fly. 

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