GPSProfile.JPG?width=300Graupner is a popular vendor of RC equipment here in Europe. I thought it would be great if we could use they telemetry protocol for ArduPilot. And here it is, HoTT v4 for use in ArduPilot for everyone. It's still fresh code and it's tested with ArduCopter v2.7 on APM2 only, but it works fine since few weeks. There are many possibilities to use HoTT in ArduPilot project, at least for people with HoTT RC equipment :)

For more details about HoTT and the implementation visit project homepage.

Here a sample screenshot:


Hope you like it!



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  • any news on Pixhawk?

  • "he can you send me the config for hott-for-ardupilot classes (for telemetry) for a tri"
  • I have the latest version Hott 9.7.1.b in the test. following problem-exist with me:

    • after upload the firmware, i can´t calibrate the copter over the MP level menü. Instead I used the  terminal command "setup" and "accel".

    • though the horizon is correctly displayed in MP a fly is not possible with the HOTT version. after disarmed the motors and actuate the throttle stick the copter drifts in a undefinable way to the side ..... reinstall "None Hott version" with the same parameters everything works !?!

    any idea, thx ?!

  • This Works very good! Thank you :)

  • Hi All,

    Thank's Adam for this great addon.

    By the way anyone here have successfully install this on an APM 2.5 ?

    Thank's a lot.


  • Additional:

    my quadcopter works well with the Arducopter 2.9

  • Hey Adam,

    First: Thank you for your Support!


    I discovered yesterday, that the numbers on the picture are displaced/shifted to the left. I saw on the backside of the APM the prints and knew, that I have to place them 1 more to the left.

    - I installed your compiled Arducopter 2.9 with HOTT

    - Calibrated the accel. and Radio

    - and wanted to test with the battery -> strangely, the APM didn't start up/ no lights at all, just the beeps of the ESCs. I tried the reset button, but nothing changed. The APM doesn't start.

    I attached it back to the USB -> there it started up AND I got telemetry on my Receiver!!! (So cool!)


    But strangely it doesn't work through the battery.


    Thank you for your help!


  • Hey Mike,

    yes, it's still port 2.

    Check the jumpers (SJ105,SJ106) for UART muxing on the bottom of you APM. They should be set to default.

  • Hi Adam,

    do I have to prepare something on the APM board for being able to connect to the telemetry port? (Is it still UART port2?)

    Because as soon as I connect my patch cable (made according your wiki) between the APM and the Receiver -> The APM can not boot/start anymore.


    General question:

    Why are this serial ports (UARTS) of the APM not as well described like the other serial ports?PatchCable_on_APM2.png

  • I uploaded a v2.9 i'm currently using for testing.

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