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"Donny the Drone" is voiced by Guy Pearce in this new sci-fi short featuring a modified DJI Phantom.

From IO9:

The film opens in 2022, as Donny—a mapping drone who “woke up” after a midair collision with a bird, and now speaks with the lulling cadence of a new age guru—is being presented with a “Person of the Year” award. Since his transformation, he explains, he’s devoted himself to being an ambassador for machines’ ability to help people. But despite Donny’s big award, not everybody embraces his philosophy—or his vision for humanity’s future.

We’ve seen “the trouble with sentient machines” done many times before, but Donny the Drone offers a thoughtful new take on that well-trod scifi territory. Pearce, recently seen playing android and AI innovator Peter Weyland in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, is a particularly apt choice to voice the drone who gains a soul—and a slippery agenda along with it.

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  • Moderator

    I think I prefer the emotionless & objective terminator style AI as the harbinger of the apocalypse.  Donny is scarier. 

  • what a touching story. Yes it is true "DRONES CAN SEE WHAT WE SO CALLED HUMAN BEINGS SHUT OUR EYES TO "

    at the moment so much misery around the world and no one is doing any thing. Whole world watched people in Syria die no one spoke. The whole world is watching people in Yemen dying and on one wants to interfere. drone can at least speak the truth if nothing else.

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