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Hack/Race DIY Robocars this weekend in Oakland


Join us for our first hack/race day at the new Oakland warehouse location for DIY Robocar events.

There are three tracks:

1) A RGB lane track, modeled after the FormulaPi track:


2) A white-line track for 1/10th scale cars, which is designed to model lanes on real roads. The ones below are just temporary markings; the final lines will be wider and properly stuck to the surface.


3) A walled-in course created by the PowerRacers group for PowerWheels-type racers, especially those using LIDAR to navigate 



For RGB track:

• 10m wide track, with red and green lanes.

• Blue lane dividers in FormulaPi course may be replaced by blank gaps showing concrete instead.  

• If this creates a problem for the cars, we will replace the blue tape

• Course is pretty smooth and most bumps are taped over. 1/2″ clearance under cars should be sufficient

For White-Tape track:

• 1.5 meter (5 foot) wide course with borders in 70-110mm (3-4 inch) wide white tape.

• yellow tape at the centerline 35mm – 55mm (1.5-2 inch) wide

• The course must have at least one left turn, right turn, hairpin turn(1.5m outside radius) and gradual turn ( >3m outside radius)

• Course should fit in a box 20m x 15mUp to 3 cars at a time (for now)

• Course may not be smooth so the car should be able to handle step shaped bumps of up to 25mm (1 inch)

• People will stand 3 meters away from the track.

Other stuff that will be provided: Tables, chairs, power, wifi, coffee, pizza. And interesting fun.

Don't worry if you don't have anything to bring/hack on. You're welcome to just hang out and do the meetup thing. Or help others hack their things. This is that brief moment where we can all be n00bs. Someday our cars are supposed to be perfectly safe and autonomous. But for now, let's hack and crash while we still can. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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  • They did a good job clearing out the homeless people

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