Israel destroys Hamas drone factories

3689487318?profile=originalHi all, This is all of over the papers these days.

The Israelis just destroyed a Hamas drone factory.  

I know this is a super political topic, but what do people in this community think about this?

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  • I think you are right Eric about the need for more publicity in a good nature instead of how everyone thinks 'drone' = killing machine.  Someone should start a yearly contest/competition with some common good natured uses of drones.. much like the annual pumpkin chucking contest..  I know there are robotic competitions but I am thinking more in the piloted variety with some pretty challanging contests that really drive the commercial / good use of drones forward...  like search and rescue types of situations, etc.

  • My apologies for posting this, which I should have suspected would devolve into such a direct violation of Rule 2 (I do believe in self-policing).

    Obviously this is not the forum to debate the Isreali/palestinian struggles.

    My motivation, although I didn't express it in the initial post, was to encourage discussion on how this community could be ACTIVE in driving the public drone discussion towards the commercial, in the face of overwhelming press describing drones as military in nature.

    This is not the same as judging whether drones should be used in war (against rule 2), but rather how can we sway the conversation to describe the potential other applications.
  • @Justine,
    After living IN Israel for over 40 years,
    my own opinions are still inconclusive.
    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people,
    with a fleeting glimpse, know which way the
    wind is blowing.

    Peace to all, especially the children and good people on both sides of the fence.

  • Ok with Graham, but the fact of attaching a link that talks about "terrorists" in reference to Hamas, Palestianan government or whatever, is not only politics but taking a politic part. I have my opinion too, but as I mentioned before, as Graham, I don't think this is the place to talk about politics. As far as I know this is a community about the civilian use of an astonishing and wonderful technology. Nothing to do about considering or not terrorists or not to anybody. Answering the question of Erik, of course I/(we) have not the perception of drones as a militar technology. The "raison d'être" of this community is the civilian exploitation of this technology.

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    Well said Graham

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    Rule 2:

    • No discussion of politics or religion. This is not the place to discuss your views on the wisdom of military use of UAVs, any nation's foreign policy, your feelings about war, or anything else that is inclined to turn into a political debate. It is our experience that the rules for good dinner party conversation--no discussion of politics and religion--apply to online communities, too. DIY Drones aims to bring people together, and we find that discussions of politics and religion tend to polarize and drive people apart. There are plenty of other places to discuss those topics online, just not here.
  • Israel is a terrorist state! Aggressor!

  • The problem is the word 'drone' has gotten such a bad name even though they technically have been around for a very long time.  What exists today is just another step in the steady progress that has been made.   The crazy thing is that people worred about privacy should be more worried about the fact that nearly everyone has a camera on their phone now... and yet its the flying quad copter that is a threat to privacy?!? 

    I think that the use of the technology be it cell phones or drones is the problem and not the technology itself.

  • I think the perception of drones as only war machines is a good topic for discussion here.

    But I couldn't agree more, there is nothing funny about the underlying topic of the article, whatever your opinion or politics are.
  • False flag

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