Israel destroys Hamas drone factories

3689487318?profile=originalHi all, This is all of over the papers these days.

The Israelis just destroyed a Hamas drone factory.  

I know this is a super political topic, but what do people in this community think about this?

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  • 1,5 million people live under the Israel siege. Half of this amount of people are children. I don´t think this is a funny thing at all. I don´t think that this is a topic to cover here.

  • T3

    Yes if they were using ArduPilot some people may want to remember Gerald Bull...

  • I don't know.  I mean their missiles are essential tubes with propellant and explosives... about as simple and "dumb" as you can get.  But the use of drones for peaceful purposes does seem constantly threatened.  All that we ever hear about them on the news is that a drone bombed some terrorist gathering somewhere.  Where does the public anywhere ever hear about them in more positive terms?  Like helping in a disaster and saving lives directly?  Most people see them as weapons of war.

  • I know I left the question open, but I am interested in whether people think this type of coverage will bring increased scrutiny to what goes on on this site. Every once in while ITAR is mentioned, which controls what technology can leave the US which might have military applications.

    As UAVs and drones get more press like this, to what effort are the commercially minded folks working to balance this out on the PR front, being that in the future, the technical ability of drone expansion is much less constrained than the regulatory ability to pursue all applications?
  • lol
  • They destroyed hobbyking.  What to do.

  • I wonder if it was a drone that bombed the place?

  • Heh, lets hope they're not running ArduPilot!

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