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HappyKillmore GCS now officially supported by APM

HappyKillmore's very cool GCS is now officially supported in the APM manual. It's still in development, so some things are not working quite right and not fully documented, but it works well enough to use now and will only get better.

This is just the first of several GCSs that will be supported. The orginal LabView GCS is being updated for APM, and the very cool PixHawk GCS (QGroundControl) that James Goppert is porting is close to being ready for prime time, too.

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  • Probably wrong place to ask, but will the QGroundControl support for Ardu be pulled into the official repo?

    Excellent work all around.
  • Fantastic effort guys...! This looks seriously cool.
  • Thanks Chris! I'm working on supporting the APM binary this week as well as making the additions to the GPS modules to allow full support of the old ArduPilot ASCII protocol (missing GPS Fix, satellites and HDOP).

    Chris also added directions to the Wiki :) http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/HappyKillmore
  • That text it consistent with wrong baud rate. Unfortunately finding where that is set could be in quite a few places. 115200 is the standard for telemetry while 38400 is the standard for setup/test/debug. I see you are on 115200 on the COM window so the setting has to be the other side (on the APM or the Xbee). When they both match they will work. XCTU default is 9600.
    I'm guessing you changed it ready but didn't upload (I've done that an annoying amount of times).

    Also I think you should have Carriage return instead of no line ending setup.
  • I followed the instruction on the ArduPilot Mega Manual. And I think my two XBee 900 Pro talk to each other. But I can't get the GCS to work. And the Serial Monitor shows weird things. Do you have any idea?
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