Has anyone achieved autonomous takeoff and landing with ArduPilot?

Has anyone achieved autonomous takeoff and landing with ArduPilot yet? If so can you share with everyone how you accomplished it. I have been wondering how to achieve this and what additional sensors / hardware will be required. Is it just a matter of setting way points and triggering certain tasks to take place at those way points for both take off and landing, or is there another way to accomplish this?

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Comment by Mabry on April 13, 2009 at 11:04pm
I am a private pilot and I think the easiest way to achieve this would be similar to a real instrument approach. You could set up a rudimentary ILS system using IR beacons and use sensors (ultrasonic maybe? not sure how well that would work landing on a non-hard strip) on the UAV itself once within 10ft. Doing the actual landing part itself seems like it would be a very hard programming task.


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