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Many of you have asked how you can help with the ArduPilot project. Now we have an answer! We're looking for people with various skills: software, hardware, documentation or project management. Here are some things on our to-do list that we could use some help on (Jordi's focusing on core ArduPilot Mega development himself). Please look through and see if something sounds like fun. The reward is that you get to work closely with us and you're helping create a little bit of the future! (Plus if you design a project that we can sell, we'll figure out a way to get you paid)
  1. Design a "thermopile replacement" version of ArduIMU: this is a version of the current ArduIMU board with a two-channel DAC and a FMA connector, so it can output voltage to emulate the FMA thermopiles.
  2. Design the turn-rate limiter shield hardware and software modification to the ArduPilot code: this is shield that has a one-axis gyro, a differential pressure sensor and a connector for the uBlox GPS. It will duplicate the functions of the UNAV PicoPilot but be better and a lot cheaper.
  3. Create and maintain a library of airframe.h configuration files
  4. Design the hardware for the ArduPilot Mega ground station (with dynamic PID adjustments). Similar to this.
  5. ArduIMU documentation
  6. Create an autopilot PID tuning guide
  7. Create a Lego Mindstorms compatible version of our MUX/Failsafe. This is just our current board with the addition of a Mindstorms connector and any necessary components for an I2C link. .
  8. Create a "Using ArduPilot with the Remzibi OSD" guide
  9. Create a ArduStation assembly and usage manual
  10. Create a system that can inject telemetry data on the invisible closed caption lines of a video stream and be able to decode it in the other side for the OSD system.
Please volunteer for one or more projects in the comments, and we'll follow up by PM
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  • Could help with any of the above really. Probably more useful to you guys is that I have a rapid prototyping machine, so either send me iges files, or a rough idea of what you want and I'll knock something up. Do cameras and video transmission for race cars for a living, so if there's anything I can help you with there please shout.
  • I'd be happy to work on the first or second project if no one has claimed either for sure yet.
  • #0 - After considering I think it will possible - max7456 have not used H and V outputs so at moment of 3 or four first screens lines it should be possible affecting of those lines by very simple hardware with data , hardware will work only at moment of this 4 lines similar to already existing solutions generating characters by uC .
  • New to this site. If I understand #1 (are you looking for a DAC?) If so, I have a 12,14,16 bit serial DAC circuit. (SSOP16 package) along with a Dual low power precision AMP (SO8 package). Also requires 8 CAPS./channel. Output range is programmable. Designed build/test next week.
    Interface inputs : SDO,SDI,CLK,CLEAR,LOAD
    output : Analog out

    #4 Any consideration for embedding PID into FPGA device(Coldrunner or IGLOO)?
    (reference http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?tp=&arnumber=427...)
    Would also give the capability of TDM communications which could include video streaming?

    If I am off base in my assumptions. I would be willing to help in any area.
  • Sorry, hit enter too fast. I can also work on number 6, and help with maintenence/management of number 3.
  • I'd love to contribute to numbers 5 and 9, I can document pretty well.
  • Im happy to help with documentation, let me know what you need me to do.
  • Can not take specific point, but schematics capturing, PCB design, PCB CNC milling for fast and relatively simple prototypes, hand fine pitch soldering, for fast and relatively simple prototypes.
  • Hello,

    Unfortunately I can only make mechanical components.

    CNC milling

    I already have a housing for the
    Ground stadion and for an X-Bee

    Please let me know it if you need anything

  • For the ground station, maybe design it around the 328 Ardupilot board. Since most people here have that as the current AP, when we get the ArduMega we can convert the Ardu328 into a ground station.

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