Hello drone lovers, 

we are so excited to finally open up GlobalARC to all of you who are flying UAV's for fun or work around the world.

We built a first of a kind platform that allows you to not only plan and manage your flights, but also watch real time video and receive data from your vehicles anywhere in the world. You can use GlobalARC to check the airspace zoning and act accordingly or create a complex mission and upload it to any connected vehicle around the world. It's instantaneous and it's FREE for one user. 


You can also sit back and enjoy the scenery or share this experience with anyone online. Add your teammates to help you plan missions together or assign them different roles within the organization. Upgrade to Professional for $9.95 and run your whole commercial drone business using GlobalARC. We also offer fully customised solutions with private secure servers as an Enterprise level. 


Each connection is super-secure and all video streams are encrypted and private. To get it working just download our app from the Google Play Store and enter the code from your dashboard. You can add multiple drones to your fleet and access real-time data and video from them. (This feature currently works best with Pixhawk and APM, but we are working on a version for integrated crafts like SOLO and Phantom). Here is a quick tutorial on connecting the app to your drone. 

Go ahead test it out and tell us what you think. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback! 

Sign up for free now at www.GlobalARC.us


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  • @Jerald - I hope this answers your question too :) 

  • @Justin - you need to connect the USB of the Android phone to the USB on the Pixhawk or APM. ANother way would be to use Bluetooth adapter like this one and connect to the telemetry port on the autopilot - http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-mission-planner-bluetooth-c...


    We haven't tested with PX4, but I believe it should work. Here is a video showing how to connect once you have BT attached to the autopilot. 

    Bluetooth Telemetry radio — Copter documentation
  • Does this work with Arducopter 2.6?

  • What hardware is required on the drone and does it work with PX4?
  • Hi Ted, we are seeing 150-500 milliseconds on 4G networks. It depends really on the "last mile" and altitude, but it's pretty near-real-time. 

  • Awesome. What kind of latency are you seeing on the video?

  • Thanks Rana! Please let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. Best

  • Really nice, I have joined

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