Introduction to Project HeX


What is HeX? Why do we want to do it?

HeX which is a portable robotic multi-rotors copter with a modular design and the abilities of auto tracking and filming

There are several reasons we wanted to do this at the first place:
First, We found robotic multiple-rotor copters are quit mature with a sophisticated ROS.
Second, with proper airborne peripherals and software, an air robot can accomplish various tasks in industrial, military and civilian uses. So if we put a camera and computer embed an efficient tracking algorithm on HeX to give it an ability to perceive and track a certain target, what this can be used in our lives?
Third, we find X-sports fans love to have someone else to film them when they are doing those spectacular moves. Bingo! would it be cool if HeX can track and film those X-sports fans automatically and it doesn't take a tech pro to set it off?

Then it comes the idea building an portable air robot for X-sports fans and family entertaining events.

more about HeX, please check out the website

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