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  • Gary,

    Not quite the same size???  The S-100 weighs 330 pounds and spinning a DAMN HUGE rotor!!

    The HeX weighs, what, maybe 5 pounds at the heaviest?  

  • I'm on the fence here with this one.  I agree with Greg that things can get blown up by the media when people are afraid of new things, but I also believe if we treat UAVs like we are playing with loaded weapons and ONLY fly them in nothing but open fields 20 miles away from any person...what will stop the people and media from thinking that these ARE loaded weapons??

    I understand that UAVs are not toys and should be handled with care and general safety concerns, but c'mon, they are not UXO (unexploded ordinance) or weapons that fire small projectiles at 2600fps!!

    Let's efficiently TEST our equipment for electronic and mechanical integrity in a SAFE environment, then, when everything is proven 100% functional, LET'S GET OUT THERE AND DEMONSTRATE WHAT THESE THINGS CAN DO!

  • Soren kuula, compared to what? Technically everything is unreliable compared to something else. I would bet there are many professionally made UAVs that re much less reliable than some amateur systems, its all down to what redundancies have been designed into the airframe and electronics/power system. Nothing stops an amateur from creating a coax octo with redundant batteries etc making it much less likely to fail than say a mikrokopter or some such.
  • Amateur UAVs ARE unreliable.

  • @ Greg

    the frams is home built. But we're going to open the file of our design. So fans like you and me can make their own modification or improvement on it. And we're planing to sell it on Kickstarter after this May we visit US and take part in Maker Fair. 

  • @Drone Savant

    Thanks for you defending us. It's understandable that others' concern is on the safety issue. I think that's alos the big reason why drones still stay with hobbyists right now.  

  • Oh I also like the idea of sending it out for coffee. Its not hard to imagine in the distant future, safer drones zooming around doing all sorts of things. It redefines your typical coffee shop. Some today have street counters for passing traffic, one tomorrow might have landing pads for drones to fill up on coffee orders :-). Take this a bit further, they could deliver critically needed medicines to hard to get to places. The skys the limit as they say.
  • George nice frame. I like the hex trim around the props. Any details on where you purchased this frame or is it home built?
  • Well I did notice the copter has safety fences around the props:-)
  • the video is just we were making fun of what a drone could do in future. It cannot do that now but could happen in the foreseeable future with lowest likelyhood of imposing a danger to people. 

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