Hexa Fun

I've managed to get everything up and running again! This is my newish hexa from uDrones (I've decided to forgo a rant on that subject for now). After working around my PDB issue (still unsolved) and engaging in some close combat, things are looking good.

Recently I have been working on a research project involving autonomously acquiring imagery and data for GIS processing so I've been trying to put in as much time as possible before the snow starts flying. Over the past few weeks I've become significantly more confident in my flying abilities, as the video might infer, and I'm very happy with how the hexa flies with the APM2.5 and AC 2.8 (i've been just lazy enough to avoid upgrading to 2.8.1).

Thanks to everyone who puts so much time into developing all the parts and systems which make these amazing things possible!


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  • Great vid, thanks.
  • Thanks!

    They're FatShark FPV goggles. The whole flight (and most of what I do) is FPV.

  • Very cool. I hope I can get to that level some day. Stupid question. At the end of the video, are those sunglasses or are you flying using some kind of head mounted display?

  • Looks good!

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