New hexa- / octocopter carbon monocoque frames


I'd like to introduce you our new frames .. 
we have launch our brand new carbon fibre hexacopter and octocopter. 

FC6-900 - hexacopter, carbon monocoque , 900mm diameter , pluggable arms, dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 1800g. max battery inside carbon monocoque 6s - 10.000 mah. 
flighttime with max. take of weight 5kg. - around 30 min!

FC8-1200 - octocopter, ( also available as x8 ) carbon monocoque, 1200mm diameter, pluggable , dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 2600g
max battery inside carbon monocoque : 2 x 6s - 10.000 mah 
flighttime with take of weight 8000g, around 20 min.





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  • Look good but seem you spend more time thinking of it than to it's ergonomy:

    The motors mount are size too restrictive and not aerated enough

    You need to drill a lot of holes in the frame for all antenna and accessories, after that I'm not sure the frame would look as good

  • Hi

    How possible to mount any cameras on it?

  • @euan ramsay 

    i stalked you a little bit ... and i see you are from suisse, am i right ?  so, i invite you to us - we are close to berlin / germany, so you can see every detail of our frames.. 

  •  @chris jackson, 

    no problem, drop me a line, with your order :-) 

  • Looks great... I want one ;) 

  • Great design! I understand the costs, but it's still such a pity. 

  • Looks really nice.  My main concern is the small contact surface area between the boom arm and the aluminum mating flange that the nut screws over to secure.  I'm afraid that under load and vibration, over time that may separate causing a major flight failure. I could be wrong, but my gut is telling me that the length of the flange should be at least the diameter of the boom.

  • well euan,

    i only want to show in my blog a product, which we develop. 

    it was not my first intention to sell it here over this plattform. if i can do it, fine, if not also no problem. 

    we only want to show our development. 

    the reason why i delete your pots more then one time was, that you post in my blog  a lot of your pics from your drone. 

    you can beleave me, i am offen for every discussion - if we are in a forum topic. and i am also long time in that business to know how to do...

    and if people think ,  i am not serious, ok, they don´t need to buy it. they can buy there frames where ever they want. 

    sorry, maybe this is realy the wrong plattform for me .. 

  • Actually I am a little offended that my posts have been deleted, especially as I even offered advice and tips on how to resolve potential issues based on our experience so far. I warned you about the leakage issue of the arms and the simple way to fix it, but you deleted that post. I only posted 2 pictures, and they were completely within the context of your post, and certainly did not redirect anyone to our web address or our products. I gave you the perfect opportunity to defend and promote your product, but instead you deleted my posts.

    If DIYD is your target audience, you simply cannot delete comments because you don't like them or they imply a weakness in your product. There are a lot of very experienced builders here, and if it wasn't me asking questions about the pros/cons about monocoques, thermal disipation or radio absorption, it would be someone else. DIYD is not a pure advertising forum, it is a community, and that means you do not control the message or the responses.

    You could have chosen to participate in the discussion - particularly about the pros & cons of carbon monocoque tubs - but instead you chose to delete that part. Being able to engage on difficult points will *give* you credibility, because it shows you have done thorough testing and modelling of your product....deleting posts does the opposite. As I said - if DIYD is your target audience, you will need to be more transparent than this.

  • good morning @ all.
    @euan ramsay - well i  write you later in a personal message, why i delete your posts ! ( but in 2 words here as well )  this is MY blog - and i want to show MY products. you post  2-3 4 times pictures, webadress and so on from your product. this is a kind of respect not to do this, right ? 
    thats why i delete your post ! 

    about our "secrets" yes, this also not a old school marketing. but everyone know, how hard it is, to get innovations into the drone market. if people want to buy our frames,  they will get the answer they need. don´t worry!  but i don´t will do that in an offical way!

    hope you understand my decissions. maybe DIY is the wrong plattform to show new and innovativ designs

This reply was deleted.