Hexacopter seen in Sochi slopestyle coverage

3689573865?profile=originalOver at RCGroups Sean_M spotted this hexacopter flying at the Winter Olympics.

It would be interesting to know who was flying it and under what arrangement. Can't imagine it's a rogue operation!


here's a screen shot (literally!) of Sage Kotsenburg's semifinal run showing the unit's shadow.


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  • If the drone was in a reasonably fixed area (as opposed to just free roaming) would it be a huge issue to have a long power lead to the ground. That would keep the flight time  much longer yea? I presume the cold conditions would reduce overheating for a little bit.   Would that work? What would be the life expectancy of a motor/esc etc for long flights?

  • In Russia, shooting with the drones for commercial purposes is prohibited without special licenses. But while some of the sanctions did not apply to anyone. Already many russian companies are engaged in professional video shooting with red epic cams.
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    Yup, there it is...

    And the commentary down here? 'That's the drone camera if you're wondering, it's not a bug on the slops of Sochi'.  o.O

  • Woman's Slope style are using them now! I think there is 2 hex's on the size with looks like a tripod ground station with a screen!
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    Maybe they just wanted to be the first olympics using them - and good on them.  They've done a very good job making it quite spectacular so far.  The opening ceremony and the stadium floor was amazing.  If only there were some of those 'long endurance' copters around that we seem to hear about on this site. (:

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    You're right... I caught the shadow above during the beginning of Sage Kotsenburg's semifinal run.

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    Yeah, I saw that too...  It was interesting to see.  It would only cover when the athletes started - whether it couldn't or wasn't allowed to keep up is another thing. The footage was ok, but didn't compare to the wired camera setup that has been around for a while.

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