Hexacopter seen in Sochi slopestyle coverage

3689573865?profile=originalOver at RCGroups Sean_M spotted this hexacopter flying at the Winter Olympics.

It would be interesting to know who was flying it and under what arrangement. Can't imagine it's a rogue operation!


here's a screen shot (literally!) of Sage Kotsenburg's semifinal run showing the unit's shadow.


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  • Hex should bebflying tomorrow and thursday (russian time) if weather allows since it's raining tonight...
    More info here (but not too much ;-) ) :
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    Hi Oliver, let me just say that I wasn't criticising you.  Usual thing of tone lost in text I guess.  But let me just put my last comment into context.  In Australia for example, CASA have been wonderful.  The fact that you can openly ring them up and discuss any questions, what you're doing or planning to do and you'll get useful advice back from them.  I recently did a tour of Europe and I heard a similar story in all but one country I visited.  Even in Belgium, a local UAV technology was being prominently displayed in the old Government world expo site - Atomium.  So it was pleasing to see that Russia were going down that path of using them at the Olympics. (:

    As for the moderator tag, it's not something I can turn on and off when posting - maybe I should have put a disclaimer there to say that they are my views etc, but as I said, I wasn't criticising - merely stating my experiences and thoughts. So no offence intended. (:

  • @Jan: I thought Slopestyle was over yesterday, will the Hex be at other events? And I don't see any shots on the US/NBC TV broadcasts that look like they are from a multi, if they are there it would be really nifty if they could be pointed out (down the road if not right away).

    @David: Not sure to what you are referring with "We've seen (even on the blog/news here) that they're around the place and getting the support they need." As far as I know we "little people" in this country (the US) have not seen one single encouraging thing from the FAA. To the contrary.  BTW maybe it would be appropriate if  "moderators" didn't use that label when criticizing open discussion here ... or does DIYD want us all to stick to prancing through the tulips with only songs of praise on our lips?

  • I also saw a camera on wire in one of these competition this weekend.

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    It wouldn't be rogue as it's been there for well, forever (in olympic terms) and I'm sure the Russian security guys would be on that in a heartbeat.  Considering that the Russian TV didn't show the one snow flake failure at the opening ceremony, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't continually televise a rogue drone.  (;

    Also, I'm not really sure it's a victory in the battle with the bureaucrats - not every country's government is anti-drone or trying to impose harsh measures. We've seen (even on the blog/news here) that they're around the place and getting the support they need.  Be nice to focus on the positives for a change and not all the doom and gloom - even if made in jest.

  • everything is live on TV, just follow Slopestyle on tuesday and thursday...

  • Jan, I didn't see your post, as it went up as I was putting mine together. But I'm still mighty happy, because even if it isn't "rogue" it's a victory in a battle with the bureaucrats! Here in the US, sadly, there is no way that this would be anything other than an outlaw operation. Congratulations to whoever did this! Are we going to get to see any of the results on YT, or?  

  • 3701656827?profile=original

    Here's another screenshot of today's women's slopestyle snowboarding semi-final. I too think it's a hex, hard to tell, but there it is, visible a number of times up and down that slope, far, far away from harrumphing letters from the FAA, in a land that has been built in no small part by an astonishing number and variety of rotorcraft, where apparently not a single f**k is given, at least not by this multi's pilot, about lawsuits or bureaucrats or such. Yes! 

  • i also saw this. i thought it was bizarre they didnt just hav ea camera on a cable.

  • Yeah, Kopterworx

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