Hexacopter seen in Sochi slopestyle coverage

3689573865?profile=originalOver at RCGroups Sean_M spotted this hexacopter flying at the Winter Olympics.

It would be interesting to know who was flying it and under what arrangement. Can't imagine it's a rogue operation!


here's a screen shot (literally!) of Sage Kotsenburg's semifinal run showing the unit's shadow.


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  • @John McGrath what kind of Hexacopter you have to be able to lift 1.7kg BMCC+lens of 0.3 to1kg+gimbal(for that camera must be 2kg) and at least 2kg battery=all together 6kg min....I would say your Hexa is on the edge you should go to octa soon...

  • 3701658201?profile=original

  • sometimes the tree hides the forest ;-)


  • It is not Kopterworx FOR SURE....that was the plan,but getting all permissions for foreign company was to complicated as iwe heard...on all major Kopterwork multirotors FC is DJI WKM or A2 FOR SURE

  • There's a cable cam there too (for live/replay)

  • Flying a Red on a Naza?  That's um... brave?

  • Saw the setup on the Kopterworx looks good. Looks like a Naza I think. Fantastic Red camera we are just starting to try a Blackmagic Cinema Cam on our hex.

  • Apparently the operator is part of Team Black Sheep?

    Brendan Schulman on Twitter
    “.@DIYDroneSafety @AP @NPR @sUASnews Yes, Remo who is featured in the AP article about video drones at Sochi is a member of Team BlackSheep”
  • AP news reported on it, it's Heliguy:

    Sochi drone shooting Olympic TV, not terrorists

  • Must be sanctioned (and paid for). Given the terrorist concerns and cost of exclusive right to broadcast... I would imagine either the Russians or NBC would have shot it down if it were rogue.

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