Hexapod Hexacopter

211__600x_hexawalker_0331.jpgThe evolution of Multicopters into fully autonomous systems is progressing at an alarming rate! 

Here we have a Hexacopter with a Hexpod for landing gear - allowing omnidirectional ground and air based movement. I think this is very very cool! Now all it needs is a few cameras and you can have a system that could determine whether it should go over or under obstacles. I brings whole new possibilities to search and rescue operations. 




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Well done Mad Labs!

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  • The servos in the legs are Dynamixel AX-12 from Trossen Robotics, they have a lot of details on the servos on their website. Including a nice data sheet, and specs.

    They are a "Robot Servos", communicate using TTL, and have a 300 degree range of motion.

    They are pretty sweet!

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    very cool!

    @madlabs, do you mind sharing information about the servos of legs? thanks..

  • @madlabs So cool. I love the idea. I just don't have the funds to build one. I subbed to your channel. I look forward to watching your progress.

  • There could be areas, flying over an obstacle is not really possible. Debris on the ground could prevent tires. Hexapod can walk over it. 

    The end goal is to make the two attach and detach from each other on the fly so to speak.

  • Besides the obvious "cool" factor, I cannot see any useful purpose to having legs on an aerial vehicle. Wheels, on the other hand, might enable the vehicle to travel more quietly or efficiently over long distances, saving the power-hungry aerial capability for obstacles such as stairs.  But legs just seem to be an inefficient means of locomotion, when the vehicle is already equipped to fly over obstacles...

    Someone please tell me why I'm wrong.  :-)

  • Hey,

    Here is an another video. This one features the Hexapod in action a bit more, and also by user request, features us GRABBING STUFF! They just want hugs!


  • Hey,

    Would like to thank you guys for posting about this over here.

    It is a really fun project we are working on. This is just the first proof of concept for us, make sure we can carry the payload well, and the hexapod is still able to walk.

    We are currently working on a release mechanism for the Hexapod  This way the Hexcopter can fly in, release the Hexapod and then fly away again.

    We defiantly plan to equip both the Hexcopter, and the Hexapod with Cameras and Transmitters.


    Yes I do have some video of the Dynamixel Go Pro Gimbal. Shoot me an email at jason at madlabindustries.com and I can mail you some over.


    Our next video we are posting tonight has it grabbing stuff, and shows off the hex a bit more.

    @ R_Lefebvre

    Yes, its a very very big octocopter isnt it! lol

    Mad Lab Industries

  • That's what I'm talking about!!!! Rad!

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    overkill... 4 legs would be enough! 


  • Wait a minute, look at the size of that Octocopter under the table!

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