Hexapod Hexacopter

211__600x_hexawalker_0331.jpgThe evolution of Multicopters into fully autonomous systems is progressing at an alarming rate! 

Here we have a Hexacopter with a Hexpod for landing gear - allowing omnidirectional ground and air based movement. I think this is very very cool! Now all it needs is a few cameras and you can have a system that could determine whether it should go over or under obstacles. I brings whole new possibilities to search and rescue operations. 




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Well done Mad Labs!

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  • 3D Robotics

    Simone, I was thinking the same thing! forget the hexapod thats a huge claw to pick up things with!

  • awesome... now waiting for it to grab things :)

  • Oh, I should have said above. I have no affiliation with Mad Labs, I am merely posting something cool! I guess the "we" could have thrown some people :)

  • LOL! Add little fake strips of bacon or such hanging from the points of the "claws" and maybe a couple of red LED "eyes" on stalks topside and a little speaker issuing maniacal witch-screams... this is just too much, I've got to get one of these undercarriages for my hex!

    Off-topic and more seriously: Do you have any vids of your Dynamixel GoPro Gimbal?

  • Developer


  • That is so awesome.  I was waiting for somebody to do this.  Hexapods in general give me shivers, but flying hexapods...  eek!

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