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  • @Mark: no idea. looks custom / badass. I think that's an Xbee module on the front.

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    Does anybody recognize the transmitter in the video?

  • These will be the ultimate low impact off road travel machines of the future, should be real exciting to see them progress in size!

    One on kickstarter here>

    Here is a prototype that was running a few years ago built by John Deer I think

  • John, yes, I have one of these servos, and it is INSANELY fast, smooth and accurate.

    But I don't know if it has much power?

    It would of course be amazing to build a Hexapod with a quad on it's back...  It's just the weight penalty for carrying around the hexa portion would really reduce the flight time.  Still, this would be really really fun to build.

    I think it might work out better if you did something like make a bi-copter using two 450 Helicopter rotors.  Much more efficient lifting, so it could probably fly much longer than you'd ever get with a quad.

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    Aside from the two-way interface with position feedback, the torque and speed of the AX servos leave much to be desired compared to the latest generation HV servos.

  • That PhantomX Hexapod uses 18 AX series DYNAMIXEL robot servos via TTL not standard hobby servos via PWM...
    "On the robotics side of things, many of you have likely heard of the AX-12A DYNAMIXEL servos and Bioloid system from ROBOTIS. These are revolutionary robot servos that have a feature list a mile long and performance that has set a new bar for what to expect from a servo. But to many, the TTL serial interface proves to be a bit daunting, and may put some off from taking advantage of this new and exciting technology."

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    Dang.. Time to start looking at hexpod's again. My experience 3-4 years ago was halted by the price of strong and fast high quality servos (you need 18 of them). And you really need good servos to get fast and smooth movements like in this video.

    The new generation of servos like the Turnigy HV has definitively lowered the bar for high performance hexapod's.

  • I saw this video a couple weeks ago and had to fight the need to attach one someone to the bottom of my Quadcopter. somehow. Talk about an awesome FPV experience. Walk, run, take off, fly, land, walk, repeat. (In robot voice I say) Need money to achieve robotic insect....  

  • Randy; our hobby easily costs more than $1200 for a good hexacopter setup and remote control so it's comparable... 

    mind you, I'd love one of these robots... maybe when I get the job situation sorted I'll buy one :-D hehehehe

  • One of my hobby within a hobby things is collecting and testing servos.  I recently got one of these and it is EXTREMELY impressive.  It is incredibly strong, and fairly decent speed too.  I bet you could make a pretty good and cheap Hexapod with these things.

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