High altitude flight test: ground3400m,flight altitude 7000m.



ground3400m,flight altitude 7000m.



barometric altitude 7000m gps altitude 6847m .error 53m

airspeed 17m/s error 7-8m

Landing field altitude 3400 m.Spiral climb, guidance mode.Target height increasing to relative 3600 m on the ground, eventually reached cruising at an altitude of 7000 m height.
Barometric altimeter shows the height and the GPS height error of about 60 m, airspeed is low and the GPS speed.Actually not a lot of wind.Estimation is high altitude air density is low, should be a certain amount of compensation.Finally landed safely.Take about 45 3689654273?profile=original

The next day, at an altitude of 2800 m, spiral climb to 4600 m fly folding line after 1 hour.View the data:
7-8 m airspeed error.Error 80-90 - m.



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  • Hi. Great Job!...can you tell us about your power setup: what kind of Motor-Batteries combination did you use. and what is the time of flight.


  • Hi, well done fellas. The motor looks like a big multi-rotor motor. Could you give us a breakdown of the power chain.....motor, ESC and battery solution.

    Thanks, very impressive. Did you program the spiral climb out before the grid flight?


  • Take-off weight 3.2 kg

  • Did not increase the length of the wing.

  • Moderator

    Do you have wing extensions on your talon?? 

  • And in low altitude flight at ordinary times didn't do special setup and modify. High altitude take-off is very difficult, once off the ground, the difference is not too big. From the flight log, low rate of climb with faster speed is one of the biggest differences. Battery didn't do heat preservation processing, don't be cool, flight will spontaneous heat.

    My English is not good. I'm sorry.

  • Nice flights!

    Agreed that Talon is a nice platform, I´m also flying it for mapping and tests :-)

    I´d also like to know more about your setup and the missions you are flying. 

  • Moderator

    Got to love the Talon

  • Very impressive! Can I ask what motor and prop you were using? My team is interested in operating a Talon at high elevations, and has actually been discussing what power system would be ideal. Also, did you have issues with the batteries operating in such low temperature environments?

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