High stability rotorcraft


here are a 1.8 year old video that i edited to show how are the video footage of high stability rotorcraft.

This is one of me first test with full-HD video cam.

As you can see, this platform is much more stable as ardupilot.

No wooble or vibrations.

Some balance in the video are due gimbal servos. I am using nicoleto gimbal.

This setup are using default PID.

OBS: from 2:00 to 3:00 the video are post processed to remove some wooble.


Today the platform is much more stable and using high speed servos on the gimbal


octo - gimbal and stability test from Eduardo lavratti on Vimeo.

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  • LOL @ the guy sleeping on the bench....

  • yesterday i assembled my arducopter again.

    Acm are upgraded with last firmware.

    Today i make some test.

    First impression. Altitude apear to be workning but motor stay jumping .



  • Would be interesting to make an arducopter against eduardo MK  FC video competition

    Could maybe push the AC development :)


  • Eduardo can you show photo of your rotorcraft? Nice video Thank you

  • Sebastian, i finish another big hexa this week and make a close video showing the stability.

    Have you a good close video of arducopter to compare ?

    i forger to ask, you use WAYPOINT Navigation and Position hold ?



  • As i say ... i do some post processing at 2:00 to 3:00

    about wobbling ... arducopter have much more wobbling.

    This is an old video .. more than 1 year ago and using an octo with default pid.

    This octo are tunned to make pictures at 800m alttitude not for video.


    i try to put the arducopter on my frame tons of times and never get this stability.

    I used high speed moded esc, conventional esc etc . wobbling continue.

    I will try again this week and post my resusts.


    Sebastion, about altitude control ? i never get good altitude stabilization with arducopter.


  • the patent says:

    8 electric driven rotors on 2 axis which are not parallel but in an angle to each other

    hard to build an octo V without these parameters....

  • Surely you can't patent ideas though, only specific implementations. Just don't try to sell an exact replica of the AscTec's Falcon 8 and you are golden. A patent ensures that the specific system is protected in order to be commercially exploited by its inventor. Make enough changes and it's not that system anymore and not patented.

  • well, it IS wobbling

    take an arducopter and fine tune it -> same result

    I bet your video is deshaked at some points

  • I make this mod some years ago.

    i will search my drafts ...


This reply was deleted.