Higher and Faster

More good weather to test the FPV on my quad. I'm quite happy with the GoPro as both the recording and FPV camera. I just need to invest in a better mount with added roll stabilization. Also, as always the copter needs tuning. It has spontaneous wobbles that I need to figure out. I always dread the tuning process since some things seem to have no effect until they do. :P I have logs from the 4 flights I made in the video if anyone has some spare time and would like to look at them. Otherwise, enjoy.

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  • Nice video with not much of the jello / wobbles you see when the GoPro HD camera vibrates.  I still have a way to go to get the ideal mount for this camera.  But I still enjoy the photos and videos it returns.  Just curious as to what video settings you used.  I tend to see more wobble effects in 1080 30fps.

  • @Robert, Thanks! I posted a couple of pictures of my rig in a previous blog post, but I'll be adding a few more one of these days with a bit more detail.

  • In your next blog it would be nice to see your camera mount set up.  Both of your posted videos have been good.

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