3689555910?profile=originalThis weekend only, 3DR is running a 48-hour special on our most robust and reliable ready-to-fly multicopters: the Y6 and X8. These rugged copters will let you take your aerial capabilities to the next level.  Both multicopters enable high-resolution video, photography and mapping.  Outfitted with our Mission Planner software, you’ll be able to create, fly and repeat missions for serious data measurement.

Each of these packages includes everything you’ll need to get up in the air, including batteries, Spektrum RC, wireless telemetry modules and your choice of a GoPro Hero3 Black or an additional $200 off of your kit price.  (Please note that the GoPro cameras can only be shipped to the 50 U.S. states.)

This exclusive deal is available from Saturday, Oct. 26, 12:01 A.M., PST, through Sunday, 12:00 p.m., PST. 

So, if you’ve been waiting to get a 3DR multicopter, now’s the time to buy and fly! Check out our Y6 and X8 today.

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  • @John I appreciate the info. Guess I'll keep waiting patiently. I assume the gimbal is just around the corner too? Any word on the HEX12? Or will it be staying in-house?
  • @dr0n3droid - Ah, gotcha.  There is no DIY X8 kit yet.  We are working of some ease-of-use improvements on the build, and hope to have a DIY kit out near the beginning of next year.

    @healthyfatboy - stay tuned, we're going to keep getting the best deals out that we can!


  • T3

    Yes, it would basically be a kit form of the RTF minus the transmitter, no GoPro, no batteries, and no telemetry as I have a spare set of that as well. I don't mind putting it together because I do plenty of that with other projects.

    I was excited to see the sale but it was way out of my range with extra stuff I wouldn't need. Maybe something will pop up later but I'll hold off.

    I also agree that being able to get Pixhawk on it would be nice.

  • Thanks John, but I mean DIY kit, not RTF package. I did get excited when I heard that there would be a sale. Those of us that are deeply vested have Tx/lipos/gopro, etc. I feel that the Y6 F&E kit is reasonably priced, not that I would be opposed to a sale. I'm looking for the same kit for X8. I had planned to transfer APM to a new frame, but if Pixhawk is an option, and new 900mhz telem. well...
    To quote another member,
    "Shut up and take my money"
  • Thanks for the feedback all!

    @dr0ndroid - there is an X8 kit here:  https://store.3drobotics.com/products/x8-october-sale

    @healthyfatboy - are you looking for a full electronics kit Y6?

    @Jed - you will definitely see those options asap.  Pixhawk will be shipping very soon.


  • +1 Healthyfatboy, I agree.  I would also like to point out that I would really like to see the new "pixhawk" board listed as an upgrade option for the other airframes (X8/Y6/X4) and not just the Iris.  That is the way the future is going, why not give the people the option to pay $30 more and upgrade to the newest autopilot.  I'm not going to invest in the future and not having that option is a deterrent to purchasing for me.  To others however the APM2.x controllers are fine, all that is needed is the radio button on the website to give the customers a choice.

  • T3

    Man, if this applied to the RTF without the extra stuff (no transmitter, 3DR radio), I would be all over the Y6.

  • Any chance of an X8 kit? I've been waiting to upgrade my copter. I'm already in the air, and building is part of the fun.
  • It's great to see 3DR have Deals/Discounts!!!  Keep it up!

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