Hobby King does it again!!

Does this look familiar?

Go Discover FPV Plane, and in Australia store!! $150 bucks


38072(3).jpgThe Go Discover was designed from the start to be a great FPV platform with a massive center bay, straight forward layout and superb, predictable, yet sporty, flight characteristics.

What makes the Go Discover stand out is the integrated pan and tilt system in the nose, giving an un-obstructed bird’s eye view of the world below. The pan and tilt system uses 2 gear driven engagements for a smooth solid camera platform. The pan and tilt system  was designed to perfectly house a GoPro 1, 2, 3 or 3+ as well as any other board or cube FPV camera with an easy swappable back mounting plate, all housed behind a clear acrylic dome. The front dome provides a great view, while protecting your FPV gear.

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  • Design registration and patents are different things Justin.  I'm not sure whether they are available in the US, but certainly in Australia you can apply for a design registration which covers this exact scenario.  I'm sure with the right wording in the application, then making something so similar like this case would prove expensive for both parties in court - that might be enough of a disincentive against blatant rip-offing. 

  • Wow sorry for the spelling and gramatical errors. Posting from my phone proved a bit more interesting than anticipated.

  • Did* and Not*

    Again, this is my personal opinion, and not at all in connection with the Albatross or its affiliates.
  • Patents are difficult in aerospace. Even if RV DoD get a patent, this airframe has enough differences that it would not fall under the patent or copyright.

    Quite frankly other than being a twin tail flying wing with a dome, there isn't much more in terms of similarities. It has more wing sweep, different taper, this instantly tells me they at least had to try when designing, unlike a copy which would have been much easier. Due to the larger amount of wing sweep I'm sure it had poor low speed characteristics, hence the addition of wing fences.

    The pan and tilt mechanism is similar, but mot a copy, one uses gears, one uses pushrods.

    So yes they are similar, but truthfully I could find just as many similarities between our Albatross and the Penguin. Is the Albatross intended to be a copy? No, but it was designed with similar goals and intentions... Unfortunately similar goals and mission in the aeronautical industry often means similar looking airframes.

    Keep jin mind HK does have experience with both forward facing domes, and blended body flying wings (x8 and x5). That being said, this could very easily mean they could have put the pieces together without outside influence.

    This being said, it is unfortunate but I do believe the Go-D is a product of its environment more than a direct knock off.... Take this as you will, but this is just my own personal opinion.
  • I wonder if the original designers of RVJET took out any registered design protection in any countries.  In Australia there have been a few cases of Chinese rip offs being told they couldn't trade in Australia because they infringed on a registered design.  The designers of RVJET should be protected, there may be many groups out there wanting to develop an innovative design but won't go ahead because Hobby King will just copy them and take their profits.

  • ugly as f***! I doubt that this plane flies nice as the rvjet does. This gimbal looks so weak also.

  • I was wondering about the maximum pan and tilt servos range: something like +-70° per pan and +-45° per tilt ? I hope such system can cope with  a NADIR poiting angle for tilt (+ 90°) 

  • I just put together an RVJET and am about to start blogging about it today.  I do not work for them or represent them in anyway.  I have to say that I am very impressed with the kit and all that comes with it.  I personally chose the RVJET because the Swedish designers put a lot of work into it and the folks at Range Video worked hard to test the components before it every went on sale.  I think you could give away the hk plane and it would not compare to the value of the RVJET.

  • *pan

  • Going by the video, the gopro hood needs a bit of work, and the pain tilt ranges as well, compared to the RV jet.

    I suspect the RVjet will still constitute better value in the long run, especially since you can easily get any replacement part you need, and it comes with the "endurance" wing extensions.

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