Hobbyking Global Hawk UAV

Hobbyking launched a new product on their website that will interest many here: GlobalHawk UAV w/70mm EDF Kit with 2 meter wingspan.


This GlobalHawk has a wingspan of 2 meters, also we have included a 70mm ducted fan with 5 blades for 4,000kv motors. We have supplied this in kit form because it is fun and easy to build and there are a variety of fans available for you to choose, you will need a 28 size inrunner motor, Lipoly battery, escs and servos to make it fly. It will take you around 2hrs to complete this model. This is a very unique aircraft and a great glider too!

Wing Span : 2000mm / 78.7in
Length : 768mm / 30.20in
Wing area: 25.4dm2
Height: 273mm / 10.75in
Net weight: 341.9g / 0.75lb
Flying Weight: 1100~1200g
Servo: 4x9g (Not included)
Motor: 28-XX Brushless outrunner 3500~4000kv (Not included)
ESC: 40A (Not included)
Duct fan: 70mm
Shaft size: 3~3.17mm

Your own TX & RX
28-XX Brushless Motor 3500~4000kv
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  • Ok Mike, no problem. For that amount of money I can almost pick it up from you!
  • Jan my old friend....

    to be brutally honest....i really wouldnt feel comfortable about it..

    I think Chris put it best about another model earlier....POS comes to mind...

    anyway shipping from UK to Holland would be about £50.

    Due to the ashcloud all the coureier services have severely upped thier tariffs..


  • Mike, want to part with one?
  • Guys,

    I have to be honest....

    Think very carefully before buying one of these..

    You will struggle to get more than 3000 3s into bay without modification....

    You cannot hand launch, they have to roll, get airspeed due to the close coupling.

    Wing joiner is very poor.

    Mainlegs are too far forward.

    The EDF supplied draws 50A, plenty of power but very short run times...

    We as a manufacturer and supplier have these, i wont sell them, as the success rate is so low.

    Not wishing to dampend any ones enthusiasm...they look great.....but not for the less experienced.

    Also to FPV....big mods required, load carring is hard, and you cant move the cells about much to compensate, no where to put them.

    to be fair....i still have 5 of these in boxes, and will be consigned to the skip....far too much work to make fly well easily.

    Not a good product in our estimations for anyone but the well experienced...

    also....Haoye is the manufacturer.

    hope this helps.

  • would it make a good drone?
  • It was not my video, I found a link to it on rcgroups.com.

    I am not sure if this is a plane for loops and rolls. How many of you do loops and rolls with their uav's?
  • Hi,

    nice flight, but are you considering this a test flight ?

    In my test flights I do at least a looping, a roll, inverted flight, a stall and a spin. Yes, with all my planes. I did this with EZ* too and with Chubby Lady too (only problem with this last one is that when rolling it stops in inverted and stay there, no chance to have a complete roll :D ). Eventually a speed dive, if structure permits.
    Anyway I meant flutter at speed ;) (this, dives and then speed, occurs often testing/flying with autopilots.

    Best regards,

  • 3D Robotics
    @Komugi, no that's an earlier model that was smaller. It was a complete POS as the guy discovered. I had one and gave it away. Nothing fit..
  • I found this: http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_7220223/mpage_1/key_/tm.htm
    Is that the same model?
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