Hobbyking seems "Serious" now


Hobbyking just came with new large multirotor brushless motors.

 9235-100kv , that spins 30" props on 12S and capable of lifing 11kg each.

And for sure , these are cheap again, 1/3 of Tiger motor 10kg level, U11 motors.


Hobbyking selling needed props too..



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  • @ Mike T

    what actually you mean from prop data ?

    if you are referring to performance data (current vs thrust) then y

    ou must carefully read hobbyking and goodluckbuy link before comenting .

    both pages have performance data.

  • honestly who is going to spent $160+ on motors with no prop data? Basically have NO Idea how these are going to perform. what other "serious" motor manufacturer does not list the prop data? honestly......

  • Steadidrone's QU4D X uses U8s
  • Anybody got any links to multicopters that use this size of equipment? No interest in buying one,  but I sure am curious. 

  • These motors can compete U11s for heavy lifting, but can not meet efficiency of U8s.

    These are actually Hengli 9235-100kv Motors , which are rebranded , cloned as Turnigy.

    here are few links :





    I have all these motors with me, will post results when I get some time to test their efficiency.

  • Moderator

    Is that really a question Hugo ;-)

  • Hugo - U8 100KVs with 29x9.5s on 6S is the most efficient configuration I have ever modeled (using ecalc, not real world).  I would not be surprised if this is as good as it gets at the moment.

  • Nice gear.  I wonder how the efficiency compares.  Might have to do some ecalcing!

  • Certainly puts the cost of a true heavy lift copter more in reach.

    It will be very interesting to see how well these function in actual service.

  • nice find, had not seen these... looks like we will see some serious innovation in motors, especially costs during the next several months


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