Testing out my New homebrew TCP/IP digital Secured Video,telemetry. same used by uav systems.

short test @ 500meters, flying in rainy weather.

Why Digital secured systems??
1. no Video interferences, no 3rd harmonics interferences. Compact Design. all in one solution. and the most important is. Secured Data. (encrypted)
2. hi bandwidth. can trnsmit both HD data video/audio, telemetry and radio control.
3. can power into 1 flight battery. (travel light)
4. GCS Module(weatherproof) all in one design. include diversity systems. and can both transmit and receive.



Transceiver Running @ 5.8ghz. with custom ant.

tx power 500mw.

Video @ d1 reso. 2-6mbits data streams.

latency @ 1-35ms

i use skywalker 1680.  and a uhf for my controls.

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  • Any progress on this?

  • Would be interested in your build log. Looks great. What are you using for your hardware?

  • hi. yeah.that kind of solution will work also. but on you ground station. you will experience some little problem.

    why? the  nsm5. have is a panel type. that covers at 40-60deg angle coverage. so its (narrow) if you fly out on that coverage you will loose video and signal. unless you will use a ant tracker. :) what im going to develop as you can see. i can fly forward or at the back of my gcs without touching or moving the gcs. :) then just a advice also. much better to use. MIMO dual polarize transmission and reciever. so that if the plane bank to any angle. it will stay your signal rigid. :) thank you so much on your suggestion.it will help us to discover more possibilities into secured transmission. :)

    regards. :)

  • Hi all, my little opinion.
    a high definition camera on the plane and land a high definition receiver.
    camera can be any HD model. Connected to a wifi ip, example:
    on the plane or quad:





    This equipment is used by the Draganfly, and I can say that the quality is excellent.

    Now you just need to find a program to play the HD video.

    and I am testing the equipment I use this program
    vlc multimedia, wiki.videolan.org.

  • More appreciation for your work!!

    Hope that you are able to share details of equipment at some point.

  • Test Flight no 2. we test the link @ 1km away. it worked. we revise our gcs.we can now leave the gcs at field and we put 2.4ghz AP and stream all datas to wifi at 200m radius.so our control is 100meters away fron gcs ant and rx. :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siyeL5gDj5o&feature=youtu.be

  • hi tom. :) haha! nooo! that tower i posted. i just use that for our Main Ground control center. :) after the uas is airborne. :) i have a portable ground station for off site flying. :) ill post a picture later. :)

  • But not everybody is their own ISP :) I cannot mount a tower like that on my car :-)

  • yes. encryption i use is wpa2/aes. hidden ssid. and mac filter. to increase security. yup i use 5.8ghz bridging. ive got plenty of bandwidth. i can transmit and recieve @ max 32mbps link. i use 30mhz channel width because the is no interference. that most of the market use 40mhz and 20mhz channel width. :) im going to test this again. at 1km + link.hope i will get low latency. :) thanks much for appreciating my project. :)

  • Admin

    It is 5.8Ghz bridge config using TCP/IP stack, the encryption is TCP/IP?   I have used 2.4Ghz IP camera over similar bridge setup but range wasn't satisfactory and packet dropped out 1/4 mile. I will try it again when I find time to tinker. Thanks for sharing your project. Details Much appreciated.

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