Housekeeping update--Leaderboards, Issue Tracker and more

A few quick updates about the site and projects:
  1. We've added "Leaderboards", so it's easier to see what/who is hot in any given week. You can see all the leaderboard categories by clicking on the Leaderboard tab at top right, or just the content list in the sidebar at right.
  2. We've reorganized the ArduPilot Mega SVN repository to adhere to SVN conventions better. If you're using it, please delete your folders on your own PC and recreate them with new structure. It's a one-time thing, and doesn't take long, and it will help us keep this better organized going forward. (Thanks to Michael Smith for doing this and helping us make the project more mature in countless other ways)
  3. As Jason Short mentioned the other day, ALL software bug reports, feature requests and other issues should now be submitted via the Google Code Issue tracker. Here are the ones for ArduPilot Mega, for ArduPilot, and for ArduCopter. If you post an issue in the forums or comments on a blog post, the dev team probably won't see it. So please, start using the Issue Tracker and help us push these fixes through as fast and effeciently as possible.
  4. We're shooting for a public Alpha Release of APM this weekend. If that goes well, we hope to release a public Beta by Sept 1. The ArduCopter code is still in internal development, but the team is working really fast. It's looking like a September public release of an Alpha, too. Because it shares so much code with APM and inherited very solid code and tools from AeroQuad, the feature set is far more complete than a new project would normally be at this stage. It should launch with full UAV functionality, not just RC mode.

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Comment by Taylor Cox on August 20, 2010 at 4:44pm
Will the full arducopter kits be available near the release of the arducopter alpha code?


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