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3689411967?profile=originalGigio (udrones) has added a great tutorial to the manual on how to add a pan-tilt camera mount to ArduCopter using Hobbyking parts. Total cost: about $57. Perfect for a GoPro camera.


AC2 defaults to autostabilizing the camera (tilt/roll servo outputs are one Out 5 and Out 6). We'll be adding the ability to automatically track a position on the ground soon.



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  • I think it wasn't speaking of this mount, it was speaking of cam mounts in general...
  • Yea, I assumed that, but where does the second servo go? Would it have to be mounted to the camera or something? I don't get it. This mount does not have a way to roll....makes no sense.
  • Yep
  • One channel for tilt, one channel for roll...
  • I still don't understand how the camera mount part alone can control the tilt/roll...tilt and roll aren't the same are they? Why does it say you have servo's plugged into channel 5 and 6...isn't there only one servo to control the tilt of the camera mount??? What does the other servo control? I guess I'm just not getting it.
  • Thanks ill check it out
  • Amit,

    Camera stabilization is already in the code (see camera.pde) and enabled by default :

    #define CAMERA_STABILIZER ENABLED in APM_config.h

    Pitch can be manually controlled at the same time thru channel 6 of the receiver.
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    Amit, sure, Arducopter works the same way. If you want to mix in transmitter control to the existing stabilization, you can add the same code as shown there.
  • True, thats what i mean.  like in this link


  • i think he wants to know, if it is stabilised, whilst still having the ability to stear the mount.
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