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3689411967?profile=originalGigio (udrones) has added a great tutorial to the manual on how to add a pan-tilt camera mount to ArduCopter using Hobbyking parts. Total cost: about $57. Perfect for a GoPro camera.


AC2 defaults to autostabilizing the camera (tilt/roll servo outputs are one Out 5 and Out 6). We'll be adding the ability to automatically track a position on the ground soon.



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    Amit, if all you want to do is manual control of the tilt/pitch, just connect those servos to the desired channels on your RC recevier. If you want the code to do it, you can see code samples here:


  • Is it possible to control the till and the pitch (RC inputs)?  or it just stabilized?
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    Yes, I mention that in the manual, but I find them a little too close together so we recommend that you add the outer legs. But it's a matter of taste.
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    Yes, only the tilt is hooked up in that picture. The way quads work is that the gimbal does tilt/roll, and the rotation of the quad itself provides the pan.
  • This looks like just tilt, not pan/tilt. Also, wouldn't roll/tilt be what you want for stabilization & pan/tilt for object tracking (if not yawing the quad)?
  • Also....I have this pan-tilt mount...but how is it a pan mount? I can see how it can tilt...but how does it pan?
  • Does anyone have any recommondations on how to attach the servo to the two arms coming up from the tilt system?
  • 3692222159?profile=originali used the hobbyking camera frame, now i want to autostabilize the camera!!!!!!!!!! gonna post a video and more pics in a couple days.....
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    Nice! and not too expensive...

    Would be nice to add what servo is recommended for the go pro type of weight... HK says a 9g servo but I guess we want a nice strong one with precision to ensure things are smooth...

    any preference?


    And on the legs, are they strong enough to take a hard landing? just want to know if you need to be an expert pilot to fit these on the quad.  I still land pretty hard from time to times!

  • Hi,


    Slightly out of topic, but how to enable camera stabilization on ACM 2.23, or is it enabled by default....and to which pins should i connect my pan and tilt servos......

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