How to assemble an agricultural drone as beginners?

1. What parts are needed to assemble an agriculture drone?

To install a final agricultural drone, the following parts are required: drone frame, spreading system, spraying system, motor set, control system, and power system. All of these parts can be purchased separately. Here are some recommended suppliers, such as EFT's drone frame, SIYI's remote controller, JIYI's flight control, TATTU's battery. It is recommended to buy drone parts from Brand and reliable manufacturers,  which can ensure the stability of the whole drone and reduce the after-sales cost. The following are all the parts needed for a drone for your reference.12163670871?profile=RESIZE_710x


2. What You Need to Know When Select Drone Parts?


①Frame selection. The priority consideration goes to whether to choose a four-axis or six-axis drone frame. Six-axis frame is more stable for large load, while four-axis frame with small size is convenient to transport and suitable for outdoor operation, it is easy for newbie to get started. Drone frames from big-brand manufacturers are highly recommended, which could be more stable and durable.

②Motor set selection. The outer diameter of the frame arm needs to be taken into account when purchasing, the wrong size will cause mismatch. The load also needs to be considered, the heavier the load, the larger the motor required. You can select an integrated motor set directly, or buy motor, Base, and paddles separately because welding them by yourself can be cheaper. If you buy the spare parts separately, please note that the paddles and motors must match the correct CW and CCW code, and each drone must have the same number of CW and CCW.

③Flight control selection. Standard flight control for agriculture drones such as K++ . The open-source flight control requires strong software development skills which is not recommended to beginners.

④Battery selection. There are smart batteries and pouch batteries for drones. The battery must be selected according to the frame to avoid overloading or insufficient power supply. The most common battery on the market is TATTU. The battery interface model and communication protocol also should be cared

Below is a chart of some frames with recommended motor and battery for reference.


3. How to assemble? 2 Tutorial videos for your reference.

Assembly tutorial for 10-20L classic drone frame:

With simple structure and low cost, the classic drone frame with small load has always been a salable frame. It is very suitable for newbie or use in countries with 25kg restrictions. The assembly video below is for reference.


Assembly tutorial for 20L-30L plug-in drone frame

The popular plug-in drones can quickly switch between spraying and spreading. The tank and battery adopt the plug-in installation, which makes plug and unplug easier. For detailed assembly steps, please refer to the video below.

Note: For security, it is recommended to finish all installation before inserting battery and powering on. The propellers are suggested to be installed after all debugging has been completed.



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