How to learn ArduPilot Settings

The best way to learn how to change the PID and other settings in ArduPilot is with a simulator.  I've made a quick video to show how to setup Ardupilot with Mission Planner and X-Plane.  When you get this working you can change the PID and other setting real time and learn what they do.  Then change plans in the simulator and setup ArduPilot for that plane.  When your get ArduPilot fiying a 767, send me your .params file.  ENJOY

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  • Verry nice video!




  • Very helpful. Thanks!

    @Eduardo I'm waiting for the auto land parameters to be fixed as well.

  • X-Plane is really great, I have a balsa glider with 2mt poly dihedral wing. I made in x-plane, to the scale model of my glider and did all the parameter settings through simulation. Those parameter worked well and required only minor tuning for the actual model.  

  • This is great! Thanks for posting. Have you gotten auto land to work properly using the Sim? Whenever I try the plane  stalls.

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