How to maintain the agriculture drone?

To prolong the lifespan of your drone, regular maintenance ensures that the device performs at its best in future operations with fewer malfunctions and improved efficiency. Here are some maintenance methods divided into two situations:

1. Cleaning After Operation

The equipment needs to be cleaned after using corrosive liquids such as pesticides. You can follow the cleaning steps:

①Fill the tank with soapy water or the laundry powder. Start spraying to clean pesticide residues in the spraying system.

②Fill the tank with clean water and start spraying to wash off residual soapy water or the laundry powder in the spraying system. Place the empty tank in the aircraft and start spraying until all pipes are drained, avoiding damage to other devices during transportation or storage.

③Wipe the surface of the aircraft to remove potion stains and mud. Empty the tank and drain the pipes if the aircraft needs to be transferred or will not be used for an extended period.

2. Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance should check and repair body structure, power system, spraying system, and power system timely.

①Drone frame: Check if any screw on the frame is loosening or missing, the components including landing gears, fuselage, arms, motors and antennas are in good condition, the connectors of each component are firmly in position, whether they have oxidized, and if the battery plug is deformed, check if the frame and components are breakages and cracks.

②Propulsion System: Check if the propellers, motors and ESCs are cracked or deformed, if any fixing screw is loosening or missing.

③Spray System: Check the wear of pump and tank, and check if the pump connectors have come loose or oxidized, etc.

④Power System: Before and after the use of the power device, you should check and clean each component including the battery plug and socket, ensuring that the power socket remains clean, dry and free of foreign objects.

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