Huge Mugin 4450 UAV platform


Again this platform is not for private UAV project. If you are looking for a great private UAS platform take a look at this one Ranger Ex UAV platform


Latest version of the MUGIN 4450 mm wingspan super huge UAV in stock now, gives you a super cool flight experience.



fuselage maximum width:375mm

wing area:225.6 dm2

empty weight:15 kg

Maximum speed :170km/hr

stalling speed:55km/hr

Payload (except tank plane still can load):15kg

Equipments cabin size:920mmx340mmx350mm

Volume of fuel tank:27 L




More info about the Mugin 4450 UAV platform

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  • Moderator

    I agree this is too big for most projects, but there are still some project who need BIG. :-)

  • Moderator

    Still with the tiny wheels they must only test on tarmac. Useful looking platform, very interested. It's quite heavy, certainly over 20kg with motor and gubbins (and bigger wheels) That will cause certification issues in a lot of places but in others not so much. Looks much nicer than that awful Hobbyking big thing.

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