Hybrid FPV racer

In Airnamics we wanted to do something just for fun and make an FPV racer that is a cross between a multi rotor and a fixed wing. It opens up completely new performance capabilities because you can use the wing as the main lift device, an air break, or anything in between.
On the other hand we would like to combine classical drone racing with gaming aspects. You would have a limited amount of energy available per lap but would unlock additional energy reserves every single lap for reaching specific goals (e.g. highest top speed, highest continuous g-load, quickest lap time, proximity flying, etc.).
The racer is built on top of our UAS development platform but we would consider developing an open source based production version if the market feedback would be favorable.
We would sincerely appreciate your opinion about the system. How interesting do you find it? Any suggestions on how to make it even better? Thanks for sharing!
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  • Some questions already :

    - do you manage all by thrust or is there movable control surfaces?

    - is it all RC? Do you plan autonomy features?

  • Open source would be so huge... Congratz anyway!

    I am looking for same type of flight envelope with tilt servos and x-quad-style wings : http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2630250

    Your experience on this would be greatly valuable!

    Best regards

  • Developer

     An impressive demonstration of your capabilities. Those of us involved in IMU development (MatrixPilot in my case) will look at those fast spins and unconventional dynamics and consider carefully how well you have calibrated  up the gyros, accelerometers etc. That is quite a feat.  The control side is nice too. When the plane transitioned from hover takeoff to forward flight, At first I thought you had speeded up the video ....

    I would be surprised if you open sourced that Intellectual Property.

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