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    Hi Jared,

    I know. Trust me, no one wants to do that. So forget it and start flying.  We like to see what else can you do with it( in terms of hardware mod and its response)..


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    very nice work. Like it and appreciate you sharing this video with us. Could you pls share your code mod with us?   I have multiwii too and want to do what you did. Thanks

  • Morli, i got a PM from a moderator with a threat or suspension under the claim i was censoring,

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    Hi Jared,

    No one( mod or admins) are going to suspend you for your blog or deleting a comment which you might consider negative.  It is just that, deleting a negative comment is not so much positive either when such subject is in public domain. Your project and blog is much appreciated and we all know you are good pilot.  Trust me, accident happens to good one too. 

    I personally was wondering  when you were flying from right to left ( higher flights) , you were taking right turns which ended up being near or top of the boys playing, if you had taken left turns , it would have been away from boys. I know many pilots near me fly only one directions turns and are uncomfortable turning other direction. This could be either left only or right turn only depending on how they grew up flying. If such is the case here then little bit of practice in SIM & then trying it out in field cures it. Just a suggestion.

    Any way, my point is, don't get carried away by a negative sounding cautious comment, it was only meant to keep us all (droners  including you) flying  happily. 

    Cheers & keep flying buddy.

  • Thanks man I appreciate the suggestion
    I may have to concede and go for coding but I would want it be be with an apm or pix hawk
    I had a multi who when I first started in the hobby and it gave me nothing but issues .
    I do not code much so it would also be difficult for me.

    I am a hands on person is all and love to build things.
  • I made this one

    with Multiwii and a few lines of added code. The great thing about Multiwii is that it is simple, and it already supports plane and multi rotor in the same firmware - although not with the same build configuration. It was just a matter of making a new build conf with elements of both, and mixing some outputs to twoinputs with ratios depending on wing tilt. A little naive but it works!

  • I love diydrones but get the feeling that the things going on are like Bruce simpson in new Zealand.

    There is just so much negativity from a number of members and all the moderators seem to do is enforce this.
  • I know what I did and I recognise there was danger hence why I flew on the left side of the field but again when almost touching the ground there is no where near as much danger it is not as if the copter could have fallen on the kid.

    And I would request that you moderators not threaten me again.
  • Since it appears moderators are abusing their power
    Threatening to suspend members for censorship yet censoring posts of members should I post about what happened with cad drones as it seems only fair.

    How about you stop commenting on my flying and it's danger when you have no idea of the circumstances
    And as far as posting goes, getting another moderator to threaten me on your behalf is a questionable move.

    This video shows the very end of a successful 4th flight where a copter got close to a child but was moving slowly less than 30cm above the ground if anything were to have occurred I would have planted that copter.

    So stop passing out opinions on what happened a realise that perspective through a zoom lens makes the viewers and the camera operator see very differently from someone there with depth perception.

    I like how you comment about common sense yet you clearly just pass out opinions with no fact checking.
  • Developer
    Since my original comment has been deleted (it was the first reply) i would like to repost my orginal comment in that this test flight was reckless and should have been abandoned. It was too close to some kids playing football. In the video you can here the comment. "You almost hit that kid!".

    This video shows how not to maiden a new vehicle and be respetcful to others. The OP is an experienced pilot, but he has decided common sense no longer applies to him.

    Jared, please use more commonsense next time.
This reply was deleted.