I love this time of year...


Be it the fall, or the spring, I welcome this time of year.  Teaching unmanned aircraft systems operations at the University of North Dakota is a lot of work.  This time of year, however, makes it all worth while.  It's the time when my students have completed their multi-rotors after having studied the components from a systems-engineering perspective.  And these young men and women are not engineers.  They are pilots that truly believe that knowledge, skills and professional attitudes are needed in this wonderful world of emerging UAS technology.  This semester, I had 14 undergrads and one graduate student taking my Systems of the Unmanned Aircraft (AVIT-331) course.  The accompanying photo shows them after having built their 3DR Y-6s.  All of them, contrary to popular belief, will have soloed their aircraft and will have completed a flight test and written system evaluation as part of the course by the time grades are due. It has been, and continues to be, my extreme pleasure to work with these enthusiastic young (or not so young) men and women.

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  • Best. Job. Ever.

    I'm jealous

  • Congrats man. Any reason why you opted with Y-6s? 

  • Nice to have a specialized place to learn. :D

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    Nice one Ben

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