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  • The flight on Sunday was under full AP apart from take off and landing, they did a loiter circle (Vulture in their speak) and a 4 waypoint figure 8 also under AP. Do not know what AP they are using.
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    I think its going to be there own design and has only flown RC so far, but Sarel lives in the smoke and will be able to correct that.
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    Thanks Sarel, for shareing the video, did I read some where that it is Pico pilot AP?
  • Two birds landing, both CSIR:
    Twin boom research UAV Landing

    Smaal CSIR UAV landing
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    Im here till March, I was just flying underneath Giants Castle, that's a test for thermopiles ;-) I think my oppo Tiaan would like to come see your Ardu fly hes in PTA, oh this should be PM stuff ;-)
  • Game on GAry :) Till when you here?
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    Bring your Easystar down to the Berg Sarel and we can have a flying event ;-) Thats what should happen at these things!
  • Unfortunately no info on the AP. Everything is dual redundant on the craft, including the AP. Will try and get more info on the thing.
  • T3

    Any information on the AP that the CSIR are using?
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    Hi Sarel,
    Any landing videos ? thanks for sharing very nice UAV pics and video,
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