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  • William & UFO-MAN,
    thank you for the answer!
  • Hi, the PICkit2 USB programmer from Microchip works perfectly. It even fits the header that is on the board (snip off the white locking plastic with a tweezer and you can insert it directly down on the board). I use the PICkit2. Stable, no problems.

  • Holy crap that's a huge programmer. People programmed PICs with their parallel ports back when computers had parallel ports. But then we didn't have Sparkfun bling.
  • is there any budget PIC programmer that is compatible with UAV DevBoard?
  • T3
    UFO-MAN has experience with Pickit2 on UAV DevBoard, that is what he uses. I suggest that you contact him.
  • Does anyone have experience with Pickit2 on UAV DevBoard?
  • Developer
    Hello Bill,

    Sparkfun Is lacking of everything. =)
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