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Almost ready for product launch. 2 yrs of R&D to get to this point, so my fellow DIY Dronerz, You get the sneek peek before it is to be released:) This is the "Lowdown 420mm" from myself and staff at Models By Design USA. We designed around the 2830 bl motor @850kv= testing it worked very well with plenty of power.The 3s 2200 fits perfect.       The Lowdown will come with a  700 tvl Sony color cam, 500mw 5.8ghz tx, Prop balance (by the way every thing about this aircraft is vibration isolation and elimination)... more features  like military hard air tight case (No Folding Chair bags)?. Sensitive electronics and gyros on a $500 aircraft in a Sack?  7" color monitor and the best part=...OPEN SOURCE controller much more as options. Only thing lacking is some landing gear, motors and pre launch feed back as customers opinion/ service is #1 Priority.

So couple concerns are what type/brand of power plant would you like to see if any? Because of start up cost, my options are almost none and the few sets I do have don't match the Quality of the full carbon fiber air frame- even the boom mount are carbon fiber, maybe we should just build to order? I like that option very much as the costumer could have exactly what they want, but then again, "the wait don't fly with most people." So please let me have it...We need your help and want to offer a great product with even better service.

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  • To Ravi:We are not truly ready for sales at this time and  I am very sorry. I would how ever be able to do some number crunching and get back with you i a few hrs if you would like. I could also have a time frame of how long until I could have your order to you as you do not need electronics it would be easier for us. I must say I was not looking for any orders or price request, we would just like to get a suggestions and opinion on the model and gear choices but thank you= that says it is liked.. Also there are more good pictures of the inside of this aircraft in my profile..feel free to take a look.There is nothing else that like it. Thank you+ Sincerely >Douglas DeBoe

  • how much the frame alone would cost. (no electricals). suppose i want to buy 10 pcs.

  • lol = here in Detroit copper goes to the scrap yard not a product. If  I had copper on site I would have all kinds of problems. Most places have sold there tools or moved. Asking anyone for help around here is like pulling teeth. I have spent 2 months running local adds for a Carbon Fiber lamination tech and the only reply was from a local company that refused to help because we don't need 1000 now. 

  • In this economy, there are 30 unemployed guys willing to do anything you can think of for free. 

  • Yes it would be a great place but I have been there following links and there was a women there asking for $17k for a uav project... Short story she received 70k and some change in less the a week. kickstarter kicked her off because the rules state not for a profit or personal business nor was what she was offering could be done $2000 each. But thank you very much. I am looking for a factory of sorts to supply my line No money I will sell my computer before I ask for money.LOL that is probably one of the reason i have been homeless in the winter twice. Honestly I don't wish to make any money of there product - Just want the best for my costumer and nothing else. there are some very important projects that i'm doing that involve saving lives and they will need a very reliable efficient power train.

  • Seems like a candidate for Kickstarter.  With some capital maybe you could get the quality of motor you're looking for at a reasonable price.

    Perhaps I'm wrong though, asking people to kick in $500 for a kickstarter project may not work out.

  • Thank you and Request sent for message Mr. Hirvienen

  • Developer
    We at JDrones are working directly with 4 different motor factories and we visit those factories on a monthly basis. After beign working with one of our motor factory company now over 6 months to create new high efficiency motor we finally have fruits on our hands.
    Send a PM to me and we can look if those new motors will be something that you are looking for.
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