Implement Custom Flight Modes on your DIY Drones!

For most modern drone applications, it becomes important to implement custom flight modes, such as, follow-me, orbit, cable-cam, selfie, and so on. These modes help automate several drone functions to allow the operator better focus on the key task at hand.

However, these custom flight-modes have so far been available only on ready-to-fly drones, which are pre-configured, tightly-coupled with the drone hardware, and do not allow DIY folks to reconfigure/tweak or introduce new modes, based on their requirements. FlytOS now makes it quite simple for DIY community to implement a variety of such modes (including, advanced stuff, such as, computer vision, swarms, cloud-connectivity, mobile/web app integration). 

This demo shows an implementation of the "follow-me" mode on a custom drone. A custom user-interface has been exposed on an android app, which can be used to view the location of drone on google-map, get live video feed (onboard camera), and adjust the position of the drone relative to the person being followed. The user-interface can easily be made available as a web-app, or an iOS app, as well.

The source code for this custom app is available here:

To download FlytOS and start implementing you own custom flight-modes, visit:

Documentation for FlytOS is available at:

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