Impressive new camera gimbal

I'm a big fan and supporter of open source multirotors but this is just too impressive to pass. Too bad it is super expensive and out of reach for most hobbyists. Just wanted to share this with the community and see what they have to say about the the frame, gimbal and about DJI in general. 

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  • No idea.  I've never seen video samples from users.  Never trust the promotional videos.  95% of the gimbals on the market are garbage designs, so I don't hold a lot of hope for these.

    I suspect these are using cheap turntable bearings for the roll axis.  Or worse.

  • Hi guys! I m looking for a cheapvibration free camera gimbal. What do you hink of those?

  • I've read the thread on blog by alexmos and it looks like he is using regular brushless motor but there is no info what ESC is needed to control the motor in such way. Do you guys have some clue? On photos it looks like some regular ESC but it could be flashed with custom firmware. For sure stock esc/motor won't work as a minimal PWM causes motor to do few rounds and we need to hold it and do some "microsteps".

  • ok,i guess i will have to wait...i just read your russian blog....

  • great stuff Alex,can you give us more details?and also would you like to sell me one of this?how much,it does not matter if its just experimental i like it a lot.....

  • BLDC direct drive gimbal  , by alexmos

  • A stepper motor is not smooth at all , it is quite heavy  and  generally it gives a lot of electric noise , so IMHO  it would not be a good choice for a gimball.

  • GREAT....



    This can control dc stepper motors.There is schematic in download section for diy lovers.

    Radio Controlled Stepper - CunningWiki
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    Emin: This is totally off topic, but since you mentioned

    I stopped using them <period> after I discovered that they patented the use of sprockets on servos. That is slapping the whole robotics community in the face, and a obvious applications for r/c servos that required to ingenuity at all.

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