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Improvements in APM wikis and other documentation

3689664379?profile=originalI'd like to take a moment and call out Hamish Willee and the rest of the documentation team, who every day make scores of improvements to the wikis and other documentation for the APM and other Dronecode project wikis. To give just one example, you may have noticed the new sidebar/menu system, which is clean, clear and works much better on mobile.

On the developer documentation, we're moving to a Sphinx theme, which is easier to maintain and integrates well with the code development process. You can see one such example with the MAVProxy page.



If you'd like to be part of the documentation team, you can participate via the maillist, or just post bug or addition requests via the Issue Tracker. They love new contributors! 

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  • 100KM

    That sounds great - 100% agree with this approach.

  • Wiki Ninja

    FYI all - we have added a link to the issue tracker at the bottom of the wiki docs - you can find out a bit more information here: https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot-wiki-issue-tracker/issues/139

    I'll add a separate issue for the MAVProxy docs.

    Thanks for the suggestion

  • Ah!, yes, I remember that Chris, I agree your idea.

  • 100KM

    Ah great - that makes sense. If it is already in the issue tracker as long as it is clear somewhere to go there for input that would be good (I'll pop this one in now)

    Can understand that you don't want the wiki turning into another help forum for sure.

  • 3D Robotics

    We could certainly put a link to the Issue Tracker at the bottom of each page. In the past, when we had comments enabled on the page, most of them were just questions that were better handled in the forums here or on the APM Forums, but perhaps if we're clear that the Issue Tracker is for corrections/additions/suggestions that will keep the noise down.

  • Look's good idea, a quick feedback :)

  • 100KM

    Thanks that is looking great.

    Can I make a constructive suggestion though, it would be great if each page had a "suggest edit" or "contact author" button or something so that people can provide feedback.

    One example is the current MAVProxy documentation doesn't note that some linux systems will need to also have included "python-dev" in their apt-get list for it to run. If you don't have it the error is very obscure and it took me a while to figure out but don't have any option to contact the page author or suggest the edit and save other people a bit of time :)

  • Thanks for all of your help porting the MAVProxy documentation Hamish!

  • Not only the presentation is much easier to find things, content with lot of photos, graphs, videos and easy clear english helps a lot people like I, that not speak english as native language, great Job, many thank's :)

  • Moderator

    I helped a youngster here set up his quad down here last week and used the wiki through out to do it. It did what it said on the tin!

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